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The Client Our client is one of the largest stock options exchange in the world
Project Background
The client had an existing trading engine, but required a user-friendly, spontaneous and high-speed response from the user interface. They wanted IT support in developing the user-interface for this trading engine.
Development of a new, user-friendly and intuitive user interface for the client’s trading engine and enhance the users’ experience of the trading environment for real-time transaction processing and order management.
SoftSolPro's Role
A team of SoftSolPro worked on capturing the requirements from the business users. Since the User Interface was to address the needs of a wide variety of users such as client staff, market makers, and member firm employees, it was necessary to gather and crystallize the requirements from all these user groups. Our team carried out the following tasks to execute the project effectively:
Evaluated a range of popular tools and technologies in the User Interface development environment and determined Java Swings to be the most appropriate for interfacing with the client’s trading engine.
Performed an in depth study of the Trading Engine architecture.
Data mapping between the User Interface elements and the trading engine implementations
User Acceptance Testing
Integration with the Trading engine
Technology .NET
Client Benefits
The User Interface developed by us provided users with an easy to understand interface to the trading engine
The Data Map developed by us helped the client make strategic decisions at the enterprise level and define a vision for its future Information Systems
The Client Our client is one of the world's largest Transportation company.
Project Background
This project is the backbone of their business. Most of their day to day business operations are performed in Excel and work. This company owns large ships and cargo is export and imported from other countries through their ships to and from the USA. Shipping manifest, tracking vessels, customer information, Bill of Lading information, voyage information etc. are required to be automated and is necessary for the business process of this company.
Design and Development of the Transportation and shipping module
Easy access from every where and reporting features etc. were necessary.
SoftSolPro's Role
SoftSolPro did a detailed study of the requirement and documented the same. The study involved understanding the functional business process of the client system as well as the user requirements to develop the new system. Our role was:
Design the Application Architecture.
Design the database model using tools like ERWIN, VISIO etc.
Implement features into the system for better and easier use of the application.
Design the front end of the application.
Design and develop reports for the system.
Technology Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server, .NET, Crystal Reports.
Client Benefits
Access to world-class capabilities - This combination of specialization and across the board expertise gives our client a competitive advantage and helps in avoiding the cost of chasing technology and training.
Technological Expertise – Vast experience in developing web based technologies especially Microsoft Technologies impressed the client immensely.
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